Who are we ?

PELICOAT France is an independent family company located in northern France since 1995. We manufacture chemicals for protection and conservation of buildings as well as for conservation of heritage-listed buildings or living areas. Catering for professionals, our range makes it possible to solve the issues involved in cleaning, restoration work or protecting works of architectural heritage. Our customers deal with new building construction or restoration. They are mainly stonemasons, facelift companies, graffiti removal experts, house painters, moisture removal experts, general contractors, building contractors, architects, local authorities…

We offer quality. Our products have been tested and validated by the relevant organizations to attest their efficiency.

Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique
Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction

Their independent and specialized laboratories are accredited by institutional organizations in the field of heritage and architecture.  The tests passed by our products attest to the efficiency of the protection over time. They also check that the treatments applied onto surface materials do not modify their initial aspect.

Our products have also been controlled by agencies that checked their efficiency with respect to our technical specifications.

Historiquement, PELICOAT France has always been located in northern France, our customers are now worldwide. We don’t have any reseller as we have chosen a direct B2B partnership with our customers. We are not of our partners’ competitors! For that reason, we do not apply any of our products.

We are not only manufacturers. We can provide you advice and share feedback. We also can supply any sample to our customers to assess a cleaning result or to check the final aspect of a protection.


Our range is always moving forward to meet the goals of new standards and new technologies. Our Laboratory controls the quality of our products as well as the efficiency of new products.

I would like to thanks PELICOAT France and Géry HOYEZ, its former manager, for keeping me dry thanks to PELICOAT products during my crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat in 2006.

I brought back from that wonderful experience values I want to share with our partners: trust, reactivity, toughness, resiliency and success.

Thank you all for your trust.

Rodolphe Dujardin.