The badigeon is a calcium carbonate-based finishing and decoration product (powdered stone). It is destined to modify the hue of porous surfaces such as quarried stones and/or specific mortar, limestone and plaster, renders… It may also be used on less porous surfaces: limestone mortar, silica stone and cement.

Once dry, its thinness reveals the grain of the stone which provides the surface with a natural aspect.

Ref: PAT – 10kg



The Badigeon

Badigeon PELICOAT is an aqueous product easy to apply. The covering power (which may vary according to the porosity) may be adjusted with an additional application if needed.


  • Micro-porous product.
  • Not dangerous for users.
  • Easy to apply.



  • The surface will be in good condition, dry, clean, adhesive, normally porous and free of micro-cracks (D.T.U26.1). The surface will be free of any paintwork and its pH will conform to standards.
  • The mortar used for restoration must be completely dry before coverage.
  • Always carry out tests on a small hidden part of the surface before treating all other parts.
  • Mix carefully before and while applying.
  • La Patine is applied in one or more coats depending on requirements (homogenization of the color or masking imperfections, etc.).
  • Equipment: brush, roller, sponge, stamp, flat brush, etc.
  • Spread the product evenly on the surface in a thin layer
  • In case of multi coat application, a 4 hour drying time must be observed between 2 applications.
  • Yield : 4 to 5 m² per Kg per application
  • Protect parts that may not be covered. Immediately rinse any spots on other surface.
  • Apply between +5°C and +30°C. Do not apply in windy or foggy conditions.
  • If there is a significant difference in color, apply to the darkest parts first


Product data

Typical general characteristics :
– Semi liquid aspect
– Density at 25°C 1.10 g/cm3.

Precaution for use

Even if the product is hazardless, we recommend wearing protection gear by users. Wear protective gloves
Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
Rinse by splashing with water.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water.
If applying indoors, provide appropriate ventilation.

Fields of application

Building maintenance, facelift works, decoration.



The content of this documentation is based on our present knowledge and experience of the product. PELICOAT FRANCE expressly disclaims all liability if the user does not follow the technical and the security recommendations and conditions of use of its products, especially but not exclusively in the case of faulty application, application by untrained personnel, use of products not compatible with PELICOAT FRANCE products, or incompatible weather conditions.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to inquire on and to respect local laws and regulations especially regarding safety at work, working conditions, and the protection of the environment. For every product, preliminary tests must be carried out before treating all other parts.
Référence :

PAT – 10kg