Acid and Base V8 Sprayer


High-resistance V8 sprayer specially designed for corrosive acidic and alkaline products

Reference: PULV V8



Acid and Base V8 Sprayer


Our V8 sprayer is specially designed to withstand a wide range of products, particularly corrosive products such as acids and alkalis.


This sprayer can be used for several applications:
– Treatment of wood and frames
– Solvent strippers
– Extermination products
– Tar-removers
– Formwork release oil
Water and oil repellents
– Neutral mould removers, such as PRO RENOV ou PRO CLEAN
– Wallpaper removal…


– Injected polypropylene tank, translucent with dipstick. Capacity: 5 litres. Large opening (9 cm) to facilitate filling, mixing and emptying. Can be completely emptied, leaving no retention zone.
– 250 ml and 500 ml measure integrated at bottom of tank.
– Safety valve with VITON seal, set at 3 bars, integrated into the pump for greater protection against impact.
– Pump with VITON seal, equipped with ergonomic polypropylene handle. Support and carrying grip to facilitate pressurisation.
– High-resistance armoured PVC hose.
– Professional lance handle with integrated VITON seal.
– Lance in 40 cm composite fibre.
– Delivered with a polypropylene flat-spray nozzle and a turbulence nozzle.


* We recommend rinsing the tank thoroughly with clean water after each use. Pump the water out to rinse the tube as well. Use pressurized air to purge the entire hose system.
* Spare parts can be purchased separately.



The content of this documentation is based on our present knowledge and experience of the product. PELICOAT FRANCE expressly disclaims all liability if the user does not follow the technical and the security recommendations and conditions of use of its products, especially but not exclusively in the case of faulty application, application by untrained personnel, use of products not compatible with PELICOAT FRANCE products, or incompatible weather conditions.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to inquire on and to respect local laws and regulations especially regarding safety at work, working conditions, and the protection of the environment. For every product, preliminary tests must be carried out before treating all other parts.

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