Water and oil repellent PELICOAT


ANTI STAIN is an oil repellent and water repellent . A water-based, low VOC compound, the product is not hazardous for users and the environment. The treatment is totally invisible once dry and the surface treated become easy to clean which mainly reduces maintenance costs.

ANT STAIN protects every kind of porous mineral material against greasy stain penetration as well as greasy atmospheric pollutants or combustion residues. ANTI STAIN also provides water repellent properties to the materials that ensure protection against the harmful effects of water penetration. The product is easy and quick to apply.ANTI SATIN can be spread onto walls, roofs, gables, fences, stone barbecues, indoor fireplaces… It can also be applied on horizontal surfaces like floors, terraces, balconies, balustrades, pool decks… The effect duration can be slightly reduced especially for frequent traffic spaces or surfaces often cleaned with detergents. In that case, the product may be reapplied in one layer when repellent efficiency is reduced. The application is suitable for outdoor or indoor application on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Ref: Hydol – 25l / 5l



Oil repellent and water repellent ANTI STAIN

ANTI STAIN is an oil repellent AND a water based and eco-friendly water repellent. The product is non film-forming and does not clog the pores of the materials but lets them breathe. The water vapor and air can evacuate from the substrate.


Advantages of treatment

• Protects from water penetration, greasy stains , atmospheric pollutants
• Totally invisible once dry.
• Non film-forming. Let materials breathe
• Reduces the adherence of chewing gum on the floors.
• Avoid the degradations caused by frost and thaw cycles
• Reduced the growth of micro-organisms (moss, algae, lichens…)
• Is applied easily, without diluting, to all non covered porous mineral substrates (Not painted, not varnished)
• Specially suitable for low porous materials
• Facilitates maintenance and reduces costs
• Suitable for outdoor, indoor application on vertical or horizontal surfaces




Product data

Typical general characteristics:
– active fluorinated copolymer compound
– Colorless slightly yellow
– Not hazardous
– Not flammable
– Density at 20°C 1 g/cm3
– Does not stand up to frost


  • Do not mix with other products
  • Ready to use
  • Do not dilute.
  • Mix carefully before use especially after long term storage.
  • Use a brush, a roller or a low pressure sprayer for application
  • No specific protection needed
  • Substrates must be clean and dry before application.
  • Carry out tests on a small hidden part of the surface before treating all the other parts
  • Apply from bottom to top in one or several layers. In that case, apply wet on wet.
  • Do not allow the previous layer to dry.
  • Rinse with water the parts that are not to be treated.
  • Do not over apply. Rinse with water any excessive product runs on walls. 
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal surface. Do not over apply and sponge excess of product (floors).
  • For low and very low porous stones apply only one layer
  • pH of the surface must be verified before application. It must be neutral, or between [6 <pH<8]. Be careful after using acid or alkaline cleaners. Proceed to a rinsing operation to ensure pH is around 7.
  • pH must be checked on concrete before application. (Not suitable on fresh concrete)
  • Do not treat in rainy conditions
  • Do not apply under 5°C [ 41°F] and over 30°C [ 86°F]
  • Drying time 24H. Optimum effectiveness after 7 days.

Maintenance of protected parts

– The beading effect allows you to sponge drops on the surface with a clean and dry tissue. Then rinse with clear water.
– Every protected surface can easily be cleaned with moderate to high pressure water. The cleaning operation does not remove the protection.
– For tough stains, a neutral pH cleaner can be used.
– Reapply one layer when efficiency is reduced


Exemples of use

Can be applied on every kind of non covered mineral porous materials for old or new buildings.



The content of this documentation is based on our present knowledge and experience of the product. PELICOAT FRANCE expressly disclaims all liability if the user does not follow the technical and the security recommendations and conditions of use of its products, especially but not exclusively in the case of faulty application, application by untrained personnel, use of products not compatible with PELICOAT FRANCE products, or incompatible weather conditions.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to inquire on and to respect local laws and regulations especially regarding safety at work, working conditions, and the protection of the environment. For every product, preliminary tests must be carried out before treating all other parts.

Hydol – 25l / 5l