Neutral stone cleaner


Our cleaning gel NSC 23 has been specially developed and adapted to clean dirty frontage stones. Its original design provides a specific type of action and makes it completely non-toxic and non-aggressive for both the user and the surface or the environment.


Ref: NET PIER NEUT – 10kg




Neutral stone cleaner NSC 23

Our cleaning gel NSC 23 modifies the surface, and the linking phenomena between its chemical compounds and the soiling creates the ideal conditions for removing the layers of dirt simply by rinsing the substrate with water under pressure.



  • Not corrosive for the stone
  • Not dangerous for users
  • Not dangerous for the environment



  • Ready to use product, do not dilute.
  • Do not use and mix with other products.
  • Always carry out tests on a small hidden part of the surface before treating all parts.
  • wet the surface slightly with water.
  • Mix carefully before use especially after long term storage.
  • spread the product evenly over the surface avoiding over application and excessive product run-off. A low pressure sprayer, a brush or a roller providethe best results.
  • Yield : 2 to 3 m² per Kg
  • The product must be applied between +5°C and + 30°C
  • If the product dries on to the surface moisten it by spraying it slightly with water
  • duration is between 6 hours and 24hours. 24hr action provides best results.
  • The treatment must be generously and carefully rinsed with a high pressure water.
  • A special attention might be given for cold or hard stones. A 3 day drying time must be observed for preliminary tests. Risk of whitening.


Once dry, it is highly recommended to apply a protection over the cleaned surface for long lasting preservation. Go to our water / oil repellents.


Product data

Typical general characteristics:
– Slightly translucent green gel in aqueous form
– pH 7
– Density at 25°C 1.05 g/cm3
– Entirely water soluble


Precaution for use

Even if the product is hazardless, we highly recommend wearing protective gear by users. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
Rinse by splashing water.

Fields of application

Building maintenance, facelift works.



The content of this documentation is based on our present knowledge and experience of the product. PELICOAT FRANCE expressly disclaims all liability if the user does not follow the technical and the security recommendations and conditions of use of its products, especially but not exclusively in the case of faulty application, application by untrained personnel, use of products not compatible with PELICOAT FRANCE products, or incompatible weather conditions.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to inquire on and to respect local laws and regulations especially regarding safety at work, working conditions, and the protection of the environment. For every product, preliminary tests must be carried out before treating all other parts.