Water-repellent WALL Aq



WALL AQ has been designed for weather-proof porous mineral substrates. It does not modify the initial aspect of treated surfaces. Product hazardless for the environment and users.


Ref: WALL Aq – 25l / 5l




Water-repellent WALL AQ



Stable mixture of polysiloxane polymers which do not clog up pores of substrates and allows the substrates treated to breathe without film-forming. Whereas the material becomes weatherproof, it remains permeable to vapor and air. Vapor and moist can evacuate from walls making them healthier. Colorless, odorless, WALL AQ does not change the initial aspect of treated surfaces. (no wet aspect, no brilliance nor color change).

WALL AQ penetrates deeply into the substrate. The latter becomes waterproof, and is thus protected against weathering effects: moisture degradation, frost and thaw cycles, rapid growth of moss and micro-organisms, dirt deposits… It prevents water from stagnating in materials and bringing dust, dirt or plant spores with it. WALL Aq sanitizes the materials as it enables them to dry and limits the development of micro-organisms.

An eco-friendly product, the mixture is solvent-free, and does not contain ecotoxic surfactant that makes it hazardless for the environment and users.


Advantages of treatment

  • Protection against water penetration and moist damages, frost and negative effects from the thaw and frost cycles.
  • Aqueous product. Not hazardous for the environment and users
  • Easy to apply, odorless
  • Let the materials breath
  • Sanitizes walls by drying them
  • Once dry, no brilliance, no wet aspect.
  • No film-forming. Does not modifythe initial aspect of materials.
  • Not flammable
  • Delays moss and micro-organisms growth
  • mainly suitable for non-covered porous mineral materials. (no paint, no varnish)
  • Good penetration capacity
  • Can be applied on a slightly wet surface.


Product data

Typical general characteristics:
– Milky liquid
– Not hazardous
– Not flammable
– Density at 20°C 1 g/cm3
– pH 10 in neat version



  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Ready to use . Do not dilute.
  • Mix carefully before use especially after long term storage.
  • Use a brush, a roller or a low pressure sprayer for application
  • Not suitable for low and very low porous stones.
  • Substrates must be clean and dry to slightly wet before application.
  • Apply from bottom to top in one or several layers. In that case, apply wet on wet.
  • Do not let previous layer dry.
  • Rinse with water the parts that may not be treated.
  • Do not over apply. Rinse with water and sponge any excessive product run-off.
  • Suitable for vertical surfaces or high-slope roofs.

Product for outdoor application
Follow information on technical data sheet.


Exemples of use

Bricks, roof tiles, limestone , rendering, mortar, concrete…



The content of this documentation is based on our present knowledge and experience of the product. PELICOAT FRANCE expressly disclaims all liability if the user does not follow the technical and the security recommendations and conditions of use of its products, especially but not exclusively in the case of faulty application, application by untrained personnel, use of products not compatible with PELICOAT FRANCE products, or incompatible weather conditions.
It is the user’s sole responsibility to inquire on and to respect local laws and regulations especially regarding safety at work, working conditions, and the protection of the environment. For every product, preliminary tests must be carried out before treating all other parts.

WALL Aq – 25l / 5l